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Look Cycle Keo Blade Carbon Pedal
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The Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals runs the material gamut -- carbon fiber body, cromoly spindle, stainless steel wear plate, and a blade of carbon fiber that flexes against the retention plate to hold the cleat in place. The blade helps make the pedal lighter than it could be with a steel spring without costing it any durability. That all reads good, but, you might be thinking the blade is fragile. It isn't. It would take some serious work to accidentally disengage the blade or break it. While the carbon fiber blade is what creates the buzz, the rest is extremely tech-forward as well. Start with the redesigned composite pedal body. It's quite different than the Keo, utilizing the new Keo 2 design. It's 17% wider than the old Keo, about on par with the Shimano Dura-Ace pedal. This 62mm platform increases the surface area that contacts the cleat to 402mm2, yet the cornering clearance is actually better because the extra width is on the top of the new pedal rather than the bottom. The result of the design change is 31% greater surface area than the old Keos, which should leave you with the feeling that your foot is on a more stable platform where foot pressure is spread over a wider area. The axle is new as well and this is the only aspect where these Keo Blade Carbon Pedals differ from the top of the line titanium version. The cromoly spindle is 12mm in diameter on the inboard side near the mounting threads and remains so through the support for two sets of roller bearings, and then starts to taper towards the end, where a needle bearing sits. The greater diameter not only insures stiffness, but also allows Look to offer this pedal without the caveat of a rider weight limit. The larger spindle diameter might set off alarms with some people. These people fear that with the larger spindle, stack height must have increased. It hasn't, still at a slim 15. 7mm, thanks in part to the stainless steel wear plate atop the pedal. Your cleat will not wear down the pedal body o...