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Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedal
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The Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedal offers extra peace of mind on the technical descents, catering to downhill junkies and all-mountain riders who live for steep trails. Its extra-large size gives you a stable platform for your foot, especially when you un-clip before a no-fall line or treacherous stretch of trail. The large platform also makes the Mallets a great choice for around-town use, allowing you to use 'em with or without your cycling shoes. Six adjustable pins on each side of the pedal add customizable traction where you need it most. Crank Brothers' signature spindle sits at the center of this pedal for incredibly easy use on the trail. Its adjustable 15 to 20-degree release angle allows a quick release when you need to place a leg down or hop off your bike at a moment's notice. Plus, the Chromoly steel spindle and stamped steel wings take a beating when you're rallying through rough stretches of trail. This design also sheds mud and trail debris for easy-clipping confidence in the nastiest conditions imaginable.