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Crank Brothers Egg Beater 2 Stainless Pedals
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Crank Bros Egg Beater pedals have been the favorite of many of today's riders for good reason. Over the years, Egg Beaters have earned a solid reputation for reliability and ease of use. The knee-friendly float is also a plus for many riders, especially those who need to be a bit more careful to avoid knee injuries. Egg Beaters have always been a good value, as well, and the Egg Beater 2 Stainless pedal may be the best value yet. The biggest difference between the Eggbeater 2 and the Eggbeater 3 is that the Eggbeater 2 uses needle bearings at the crank end of the spindle, where the Eggbeater 3 uses steel retention bushings. The Eggbeater 2 is also about 6 grams lighter and $20 more expensive. The Eggbeater 3 retains the famous four-sided clip-in and the comfortable float provided by all previous Eggbeater pedals. The Eggbeater 3 uses investment cast stainless steel for the main body. The wings are stamped and chrome-plated steel. The spindle is super-strong chromoly steel. This all adds up to a pedal that's tough enough for anyone to use--no weight limits. Eggbeater cleats are so small that they recess flush into the sole of your shoe for easy walking and less cleat damage.