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Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals
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The Candy 3 Pedals feature the same four-wing design found in Crankbrothers' renowned Eggbeater pedals, which shed mud better than most other pedals out there and make for ridiculously easy clip-in. Just step down and the cleat snaps into one of the four wings for fast access to fun in the dirt. A two-piece aluminum pedal body wraps around the wing structure for added shoe support over the Eggbeaters and gives riders a platform for the rare missed clip-in or a noodle down to the local donut shop in street shoes. These pedals come with two-bolt brass cleats that let riders choose between 15- and 20-degree foot release angles. Thanks to a slightly asymmetrical design, the cleats can be mounted in two directional options to determine the foot release angle. With either angle, the Candy 3 cleats allow for six degrees of float when clipped in. Crankbrothers also designed the Candy 3 Pedals for quick and easy maintenance. They can be taken apart, re-greased, and put back together in a matter of minutes so you don't have to worry about extended time off the bike waiting for the pedals to be serviced.