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Crank Brothers 5050 2 Pedals
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $55.99
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To cut down on cost, the Crank Brothers 5050 2 Pedals use a bushing in place of needles for the inner bearing. You'll also mind that there's less machining to the aluminum body then with the 3 Pedal. And while this translates into a 20g penalty and slightly more friction, you're still going to enjoy the same venerable platform shape, 10mm adjustable traction pins, and forged spindle. Also, like the 3 pedal, an outer cartridge bearing rides on the scm435 chromoly spindle for excellent strength when riding either DH or freeride. The durable and stiff aluminum plates are replaceable if they get banged up, or if pins are ripped out after one too many altercations with rocks. The Crank Brothers 5050 2 Pedals are available in the color Black with Silver plates.