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Cane Creek 40-Series ZS 44 Tall Top Headset
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Any time you can reduce parts, you enhance strength and diminishthe chance for creaking between those components. The Cane Creek 40-Series ZS44 Tall Top Headset gives you 15mm of rise without the use of spacers. You get the proven, durable, light-weight, and long-lasting performance 40-seriesheadsets are respected for -- with a little extra, built-in stack height. The 40-Series Headset cups are crafted from a 6061 T6 alloyand contain Cane Creek's black oxide cartridge bearings. The races and balls start outas 52100 steel and are then given an acid bath to make them more corrosionresistant. They are angular contact bearings (ACB), which deflect both axial andradial loads equally well. The cartridges are sealed with what Cane Creek likesto call a Split Lip Seal -- it has two contact seals per side to keepout contaminants and hold in grease. To augment the seals on the cartridge bearings, Cane Creekadds face seals to the crown race and top assembly. The Clip-Seal in the upperassembly holds all the parts together, including the compression ring. Thismakes assembly a cinch, since there are no loose parts to misplace or installbackwards. The Cane Creek 40-Series ZS 44 Tall Top Headset ispolished and anodized Black. Cane Creek adds laser etched graphics including its logo. This is a IS integrated headset that will mate a fork with a 44mm i. d. head tube. The top bearing cover is compatible with Cane Creek Interlok spacers. The stack height for the top cup is 15mm and the bottom is 1mm.