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Profile Design T1+ Viper Aerobar Clip-On Bars
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Profile Design won't be the first to flaunt it, but it basically invented the aerobar more than two decades ago. Perhaps that's why it remains so far ahead of the curve in terms of pairing aerodynamic design with rider comfort However, regardless of its journey, Profile Design continues to push the boundaries of aerobars, as is demonstrated with its T1 Viper Aerobar Clip-On Bars. These bars have been selected as the official aerobar of the Ironman Triathlon, and given that they include a carbon fiber construction and Profile's brand new F-35 armrests and J4 brackets, it's easy to see why. Profile Design constructed the T1 Viper bars from a unidirectional carbon fiber. Why unidirectional Well, compared to a woven carbon fiber, unidirectional carbon is oriented as it sounds, with one direction, or on one axis. And while this makes the production process more complicated in regards to load path and force direction determination, the payout is worth it to Profile. You see, compared to woven layups, unidirectional fibers provide higher levels of rigidity, while also improving the characteristic of vibration dampening. And incredibly, this is achieved at a much lower overall weight. In terms of shape, the Viper bars use an anatomic ski-bend with 0mm of drop in order to minimize discomfort at the wrist. The handlebar clamps, made from forged 6061-T6 aluminum, tighten to the bars separately from the extensions. These clamps are separate from the armrests, so you're able to first determine the width that you're comfortable riding with. Afterwards, you set the length of the extensions, and then adjust the armrests to your desired position. And since the armrest clamp is round and clamps onto a round tube, you're able to adjust the cant of the armrests. Essentially, this provides some height adjustment, while also allowing you the opportunity to have the armrests tilted either inward or outward. For those who prefer a narrow position, having the armrests tilted upwar...