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Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars
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When you need no-nonsense extensions that simply work, the Profile Design T1 Clip-On Time Trial Bars are the answer. This is a lighter, simpler, easier-to-adjust version of Profile's old Stryke clip-on setup, which itself was lighter, simpler, and more adjustable than its predecessors. Their predecessors were also the leaders of their respective zeitgeists, which is understandable considering that Profile got in on the ground floor of clip-on aero bars in the late 1980s. In fact, it was the first company that had adjustable-length extensions. Now, for the T1, the bars are 6061 aluminum tubes that are bent like a ski into a graduated 'L-shape' that's easy on your wrists. And since the extensions are round in shape, they 're able to be rotated in the clamp, as well as fore and aft, making it easy to find a spot that's both fast and comfortable. Depending on how you angle the ski bend and your overall body position, you're able to almost hide behind your hands -- something that LeMond did to great effect when he brought aerobars to the world by winning the 1989 Tour on the final stage. The handlebar clamps, made from forged 6061 aluminum, tighten to the bars separately from the extensions. These clamps are separate from the armrests, so you're able to first determine the width that you're comfortable riding with. Afterwards, you set the length of the extensions, and then adjust the armrests to your desired position. And since the armrest clamp is round and clamps onto a round tube, you're able to adjust the cant of the armrests. Essentially, this provides some height adjustment, while also allowing you the opportunity to have the armrests tilted either inward or outward. For those who prefer a narrow position, having the armrests tilted upward toward the stem provides a secure feeling. And for those who like a wider position, we recommend lowering the armrests and tilting them outward. This way, it's easier to move in and out of the armrests. The armrest clamps,...