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ENVE Road Handlebar
Price: $350.00
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Warning: you may not actually want to wrap your ENVE Road Handlebar in any bar tape for a few days after you get it. It'll probably take a few days of gazing at its lithe carbon silhouette and marveling at its lightness, 205g to be exact, before you're ready to obscure even the ends of it. Once you're ready, mount the Road Handlebar onto your bike and start enjoying it as it was meant to be used: as a hardworking, everyday addition to your cockpit. ENVE went the classic route when shaping the Road Handlebar, ensuring each size was designed to actually feel comfortable to hold for hours at a time on a range of training rides. Choose from short and shallow or traditional shapes based on what works for you, and know that the bars won't be out of style in a few years when a new, trendy shape emerges. Arrange your brake levers wherever you'd like them, then let the handlebar enjoy an uninterrupted view from the top of your frame by using the recessed cable routing design. Finally, ENVE includes its own integrated bar ends on the Road, once again demonstrating its attention to the small, but important, details that make the difference.