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Easton EA70 Ergo Handlebars Easton EA70 Ergo Handlebars

First there were round bends. Then anatomic bends, then removable faceplate stems unleashed bar designers to get really creative. That creativity was further expanded when carbon-fiber became a viable handlebar material. There are so many shapes, so many styles today, but we're starting to see...

Price: $80.00

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Easton EA70 XC Riser Handlebar - Easton EA70 XC Riser Handlebar -

Like the EA70 XC flat bar, Easton's Riser Handlebar employs its aluminum knowhow to produce a feathery bar with excellent strength and stiffness. It's plenty wide, at 685mm (27in), for single speed use, and provides plenty of room for cockpit controls. Each of Easton's designs pass rigorous...

Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $60.00

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Easton EC70 SL3 Handlebar Easton EC70 SL3 Handlebar

Compact bars continue to be exceedingly popular among the pro ranks. One reason is that they make it easier to position your hands closer to the brake levers when riding in the drops. With the lightning-quick shifts required to launch or cover attacks, easy access the controls is a must. The...

Price: $210.00

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Easton Haven 26in Wheels Easton Haven 26in Wheels

The Easton Haven 26in Wheel possesses all of the shaping and structural elements required to meet the stringent UST standards. The testing and certification is an expensive process, but Easton decided that the time and monetary commitment would offset the ease of seating beads with a floor pump,...

Price: $445.00
Sale Price: $349.99

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Easton Haven 29in Wheels Easton Haven 29in Wheels

With 29in wheels spinning at full speed, we're enjoying the plentiful options that are now available. In fact, less than five years ago, 29in UST wheels and tires weren't an option. So, in order to enjoy the benefits of riding tubeless, riders were forced to deal with sketchy rim/tape/tire combos...

Price: $455.00

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Easton Haven 35 Stem Easton Haven 35 Stem

Take Easton's most popular mountain bike stem and beef it up to accommodate the new 35mm handlebar standard that has emerged, and you end up with the Easton Haven 35 Stem. The "standard" 31. 8mm-clamp Haven stem is Easton's best seller for good reasons: it's light, stiff, strong, and it looks...

Price: $100.00

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Easton Haven Carbon Seatpost Easton Haven Carbon Seatpost

Easton's Haven Zero Setback Carbon Seatpost is only 50 grams heavier than the brand's ultra-XC-focused EC90 Carbon Seatpost, even though the Haven is built be to mounted on long-travel, all-mountain rigs that will see far more shuttle runs than leg-searing uphill churns. If it's a head scratcher...

Price: $130.00

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Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 26in Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 26in

We live in a world where sub-30lb, long-travel bikes are becoming commonplace. Easton's Haven Carbon 26in Wheels are a perfect match for those aggressive all-mountain rigs that favor lightness without sacrificing durability. For strength, Easton relies on its proprietary Armored Ballistic...

Price: $1225.00
Sale Price: $979.99

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Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 29in Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 29in

We know what you're thinking, carbon wheels can't hold up to your level of riding. But, what if we told you that the Easton Haven Carbon Wheel was made from a composite similar to those found in combat body armor? We'll assume that an eyebrow has been raised. So, now that we've opened Pandora's...

Price: $1275.00
Sale Price: $1083.75

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Easton Haven Stem Easton Haven Stem

Here's a bit of all-mountain bike bling that's hard to ignore. The Easton Haven Stem has the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any stem Easton's ever produced. That's saying a lot for a label as legendary as Easton. They achieved this by CNC machining away a huge amount extraneous alloy at the...

Price: $100.00

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