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Easton EC70 SL3 Handlebar
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Compact bars continue to be exceedingly popular among the pro ranks. One reason is that they make it easier to position your hands closer to the brake levers when riding in the drops. With the lightning-quick shifts required to launch or cover attacks, easy access the controls is a must. The Easton EC70 SL3 Handlebar features the same shape and many of the refinements of Easton's top-end EC90 SLX3 bar, but it'll save you some money to put towards other upgrades. It also won't stack up the grams, as it weighs in around 230 grams. The EC70 SL3 Handlebar is made of Easton's EC70 carbon fiber, which uses Easton's proprietary (and gram-saving) TaperWall technology for its construction. Basically, Easton uses more carbon where stiffness is paramount, and less where it's not as critical. And with the addition of a little bit of engineered flex, Easton enhanced the ride quality and comfort. Easton calls this 'Intelligent Flex,' and it produces a markedly smoother ride. The compact shape of the EC70 SL 3 simplifies your position in the drop, which makes access to the levers increasingly comfortable. Also, the drops feature more of a traditional round bend. This way, your hands aren't forced into one position, as is the case with most ergo-shaped bars. As for actual dimensions, the EC70 SL3 has 75mm of reach and a drop of 130mm. The Easton EC70 SL3 Handlebar has a clamp diameter of 31. 8mm and is available in 40, 42, and 44mm widths. For color, it has a matte black, uni-directional carbon finish.