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Deda Elementi Kronos Due Aero Handlebar
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When your competition is the clock, every passing second is like a competitor tearing around you for the lead. For such a formidable opponent, you need every possible advantage at your disposal, and the Deda Kronos Due Aero Handlebars give you the leading edge. Built for an aggressive pursuit position, the Kronos Due offers the latest in aerodynamics and ergonomics. Your new advantage won't win you any friends in the field, but it will win you races. The Deda Kronos Due is nearly identical to the standard Kronos. However, Deda designed the Due with a bar drop for riders that push from their backs. The drop design provides power and a slight aero advantage. Position comfort remains the same between the models, and Deda went to enormous lengths to ensure a comfortable time trial position. Knowing that you're going to be stuck in only a couple of riding positions for hours on end, Deda incorporated the fully adjustable Fastblack 2 armrests. The Fastblack 2s can be positioned for optimal length and angle, and can also be transferred to any handlebars in the Deda Parabolica series. The pads are also highly ergonomic, wicking, and replaceable. The Deda Kronos Due is just as aerodynamic as it is comfortable. The Kronos Due features a full-stream flat design that promotes a laminar airflow from the forward-most point to the aft airfoil wings. To further enhance aerodynamics, the Kronos Due is designed to accommodate internal shift and brake cable routing. All of these elements, along with your body, work in unison to create a tremendous aerodynamic advantage. The Kronos Due lets you position yourself further forward; in this position, your body becomes an artificial boundary layer that generates a slight turbulence above the Kronos Due's surface. The smooth shape, unimpeded by cable housing, is able to keep the airflow attached over more of the bars, and provides a lower level of integrated drag. The Kronos Due's aero shape is made possible by a full carbon fiber constru...