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Prologo DoubleTouch Bar Tape
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Most of today's padded bar tape is made of synthetic materials, which often become slippery when either cold or wet. So, Prologo developed its DoubleTouch Bar Tape to solve this issue, as it combines a tacky, absorbent cork top layer with an EVA gel base. Along with Prologo's shock-absorbing, dual construction used throughout the length of the tape, it also decided to continue with this 'best of both worlds' philosophy by varying the tape's density throughout. Down at the drops, Prologo employed a thin and durable 'StrongTouch' tape that provides the firm feel that's necessary for both descending and sprinting. This relatively thin composition then moves into a thicker 'GelTouch' makeup at the hoods and tops sections, which provides ample cushioning and support. The Prologo DoubleTouch Bar Tape is available in the colors Black, Blue, Red, Silver, and White. Two adhesive-backed rolls come in each package, along with two bar-end finishing plugs.