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SRAM Red 22 Shifters
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SRAM's Red 22 Shifters are nothing short of the real deal. Not only are they designed with the same attention to ergonomics as the Ergo shifters, but they also feature a true 22 speed usability, even while cross chaining. SRAM Red was designed with attention to any and every detail and this carries over to the new Red 22. First, the ErgoFit bodies and the internal componentry of the shifters are the same as used in its DoubleTap levers. An 11th indent has been added for the 21st and 22nd gears. The movement is just as crisp as the 10-speed shifters and the shifting is trim-free. They still use SRAM's ZeroLoss technology, which means that cable actuation happens as soon as your apply pressure -- there is no lag time, making for near-instant shifting. Upshifting and downshifting both benefit from the same unimpaired movement.