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Shimano Ultegra 6800 STI Shifters
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When Shimano decided to revamp its trusted Ultegra groupset under the new 11-speed 6800 banner, it did so only after carefully studying the mechanics of its flagship Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group. This is represented most clearly with the new 6800 STI Shifters, as they were engineered to mimic both the 11-speed functionality and beautiful aesthetics of its popular older sibling. If you've spent time with Ultegra's ST-6700 levers, you'll immediately notice the refined hood shape of the new 6800 STI Shifters. They've slimmed down considerably, borrowing the same look and feel of Dura-Ace mechanical, which took its cues from the flagship Di2 levers. It's a welcome trickle-down effect for longtime Ultegra devotees, as the new design lends itself to improved comfort and grip, combined with, most importantly, crisper shifting. Made from a dual-compound rubber composite, the low-volume hoods are reminiscent of Di2, and the design makes lever accessibility easy. The lever blades also received a sleek redesign. They're still made from carbon fiber but their outward curve and feel is now more pronounced than prior versions, which makes for a more positive interaction from either the hoods or drops. And to accommodate a large range of hand shapes, Shimano included, like Dura-Ace, 10mm of reach adjustment for the levers. For the shifting itself, Shimano's 'Rider-Tuned' philosophy really makes itself known. This is the title given to Shimano's campaign of providing you the best rider-experience possible. Throughout the entire Ultegra group, every component has been given little custom touches, but the levers have received several. To start, Shimano has shortened the lever stroke. In fact, it's reduced the stroke by around 13% over Ultegra 6700. Obviously, the less distance that you have to push the lever, the faster your shift will move up or down the cassette. And during the act of shifting, the required effort has also been lessened. In tandem with the reduced stroke, ...