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Shimano XT SL-M780 Shifters
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These Shimano XT Rapidfire Plus Shifters SL-M780 are XTR-esque in their appearance and, honestly, their function. They're configured to work in conjunction with Dyna-Sys rear derailleurs and 10-speed cassette. They're sleeker and lighter than the prior version of XT shifters. A majority of this improvement is that they do away with the gear indicator of old, so you won't have to reach for the Dremel or a hacksaw to make space on the bars for a suspension lockout remote lever. XT RapidFire Plus Shifters have that great Shimano 2-Way Release (Push/Pull option) for the small trigger. You can operate them with either your pointer finger or your thumb, depending on your personal preferences and maybe whether or not you're sitting or standing when you make the shift. No matter your style, the instant release allows cable to move as soon as you affect the shift with a push of the trigger, and you have the option of making a shift across multiple cogs with one throw of the lever -- up or down. The XT shifters are very close in feel and appearance to XTR, though not quite as light or jewel-like. The clamp assembly features a slotted mount for the shifter pod to accommodate perfect ergonomic positioning for your hands. The Shimano XT Rapidfire Plus Shifters SL-M780 work with three chainrings up front and ten cogs in back. And perhaps the best part about Shimano triggers -- shift cables can be easily replaced without disassembling the shifter unit.