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Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-6770 STI Shifters
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True enough, Dura-Ace Di2 made a big splash when it was introduced. But Shimano's unveiling of Ultegra Di2 has us perhaps even more excited. Any skepticism we may have had before the original electronic release is long gone. After riding it we know Shimano's system works, and we know that it's a huge upgrade over the comparable mechanical drivetrains. Ultegra Di2 promises to be as groundbreaking as STI was in the first place to change the way we shift our bikes. These Ultegra Di2 ST-6770 STI Shifters are the heart and soul of the system along with the front and rear derailleurs. The most obvious advantage to going electronic is that there are no cables. No cables = no friction. Also, the system makes fast shifts up or down the range, front and rear. Each shift is the same. Every time. And when you're about to attack or simply following wheels over the top of a climb, you'll appreciate the consistency. Better still, the shifting feel is much lighter. You can do it when you're tired. You can do it with "weak" fingers. You don't have to move your wrists or forearm. And by eliminating the cables and housing, you can kiss cable maintenance goodbye. Never again will your shifting performance degrade over time until you find yourself on a long ride, fumbling with your cable tension to quiet the racket emanating from your rear derailleur/cassette. Unlike mechanical Ultegra Shifters, the Di2 brake lever doesn't swing sideways to shift. Instead there are two paddles behind the carbon-fiber lever blade. The one closer to the handlebar still does the traditional shifting with the spring (onto smaller cogs in the rear and onto the small ring in the front), and the one further away does the traditional shifting against the spring (onto taller cogs in back and onto the big ring in front). Each button has 2mm of travel, and is as easy to use as a mouse click. Each click of the button results in one shift. If you're coasting, you can "pre-shift" any number of gears, and the ...