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SRAM Red 22 Rear Derailleur
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The SRAM Red 22 rear derailleur is the gold standard in 2x11 rear derailleurs. SRAM doesn't rest on its laurels, though, and this Red rear derailleur is even better than previous iterations. The Red 22 rear derailleur still relies on SRAM's groundbreaking 1:1 Exact Actuation. That means that with each shift, the derailleur pulls the exact same amount of cable, regardless of what gear you're in. So, when one shift is set up perfectly, they're all set up perfectly. The new Red 22 rear derailleur also uses a new low-profile, titanium mounting bolt to reduce weight and wind resistance. SRAM is still using its incredible Black Box ceramic cartridge bearings in the pulleys, but the inner carbon fiber pulley plate has been stiffened for more precise gear changes. The pulleys themselves were also redesigned for lighter weight and improved durability. The jockey wheel's profile has been optimized so that the chain will glide more efficiently over the tooth profile as it threads through the cage. This, along with SRAM's new elastomer coating, reduces noise and smooths operation at the pulley wheels.