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SRAM X0 3x10 High Clamp Front Derailleur
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While 2x10 drivetrain systems are all the rage, some of us still prefer three chainrings. The reason is that we don't want to give up the super low climbing gear. So if you're running a three ring crank, you'll need this SRAM X0 3x10 High Clamp Front Derailleur to match the rest of your new SRAM X0 drivetrain. We've found that the new 10-speed X0 parts shift with the same crispness and precision as the benchmark XX front mechanism. The difference here is that you'll have the ability to swing the derailleur cage farther inboard and out to accommodate the width of the three chainring setup. The aluminum links that shape the swing of the derailleur cage have widely spaced pivots for awesome stiffness. This rigidity inherent in the parallelogram is part of what makes X0 front shifting so quick and efficient. The derailleur cage is made from steel for maximum durability and is shaped for optimum performance with their X-Glide chainrings. The SRAM X0 3x10 High Clamp Front Derailleur is configured to work as either top or bottom pull and is available for 31. 8mm and 34. 9mm clamp diameters.