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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Rear Derailleur
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Many of the greatest refinements to Shimano's new Ultegra 6800 groupset were reserved for the rear derailleur. The new 6800 mechanism is the result of a complete overhaul, as it's more compact and lightweight than 6700, and it now operates using a redesigned spring mechanism that works to ensure shifts are equalized across the cassette's entire 11-speed range. For this the new iteration of Ultegra, the majority of the previous version's dependable alloy construction carries over, as this rigid design assists in the light, crisp shifting experience over the entire cassette. Shimano devotees, however, will immediately notice the focus paid to making a slight alteration to the feel of the shift through the derailleur's new spring design. This is the result of the new Ultegra 6800 having been engineered with the same shifting objective as Dura-Ace 9000 -- easier action with a shorter stroke at the lever. To achieve this required a revision of the mechanism's spring. The new design relies on a more linear spring rate, which results in seamless shifting across the entire block. As we all know, Ultegra tends to snap the chain up the cassette, but it feels like it drops the chain from cog-to-cog on the way down. Now, the RD-6800 creates an equal, positive sensation regardless of the direction of your shift, or the size of the sprocket that you're shifting to. Shimano calls this its Vivid Index Technology. And for the first time you'll find a large, 11-speed cluster at your disposal. Not only can you expect to apply an equal lever-force at the top and bottom of the cassette, but the Ultegra 6800 Rear Derailleur can now handle up to a 32-tooth cog with its GS (long) cage model. Shimano is also releasing the Ultegra 6800 in a SS (short) cage option. All in all, Shimano claims that the new rear derailleur system creates a reduction in shifting effort over 6700 at the lever. And to round things off in the efficiency department, the RD-6800 is pulled by Shimano's propriet...