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SRAM FORCE 2.2 GXP Crankset
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What could possibly make the venerable SRAM FORCE crankset any better Simple. How about new chainrings that go toe-to-toe with RED If you're on this same wavelength, the FORCE 2. 2 GXP Crankset is for you. Stiffer and more durable, the new RED-like PowerGlide chainrings put the 2. 2 over the top and more ready than ever to race. For the construction of the FORCE 2. 2 crankset, SRAM continues its use of unidirectional carbon fiber on the arms and spider. The reasoning for this is simple -- it provides the stiffest, lightest, and most vibration-absorbent ride quality possible. When examining the load paths, SRAM found that the single-direction of the fibers transmit force with more clarity and less dissipation. So, when you drop the hammer, you're going to experience a clean and precise transfer of your energy to the rear wheel. The Force 2. 2 crankset has an integrated bottom bracket spindle to compliment the carbon for supreme drivetrain stiffness. It must be used with a GXP bottom bracket. And while you might think that every external bearing bottom bracket is the same, the GXP is a beast of its own. Rather than be loaded axially across the bearing set, the GXP design captures the left-side bearing while the right-side floats on the spindle. This orientation results in both an improved bearing life and a smoother rolling bottom bracket than other designs. And new to the 2. 2 iteration of FORCE, you can expect trickle-down, RED-like PowerGlide chainrings to enhance all of the characteristics above. These broad and stiff chainrings are the perfect mating to the 2. 2's integrated, carbon fiber spider. They provide a stiff transfer of power while the gates and ramps ensure flawless shifting from ring to ring. Each aluminum ring has also been given a hard-anodized finish to guarantee longevity over multiple seasons. Compared to the prior generations of Force PowerGlide rings, there is no comparison. The SRAM FORCE 2. 2 GXP Crankset is available in both a compac...