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Shimano 105-FC 5700 Crankset
Retail Price: $199.95
Our Price: $156.00
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The prices of road bike components can, at times, be a bit daunting. A pair of crankarms that will run you a couple car payments or a month's mortgage may not fit into the budget or slide past the spouse unnoticed. That's why there's Shimano 105. Make no mistake-this isn't budget gear. This is race-worthy equipment designed to be affordable without compromising performance. While the Shimano 105-FC 5700 Crankset tips the scales at around 100 grams more than its top-end sibling, it's also less than half the price, and it's still nowhere near what you'd call heavy. Shimano Hollowtech hollow crank arms reduce weight while adding stiffness for more direct power transfer and greater pedaling efficiency. Hyperdrive SG-X chainrings with Dual SIS front index shifting deliver instant assertive shifts and unheard-of shifting reliability. Shimano has also increased the space between the large and small rings to reduce chain rub in the small-small gear. While we don't advocate this particular gear combo, it's nice to know that you won't have to suffer the annoyance of hearing the chain rub if you find yourself here in the heat of battle. The Shimano 105 FC 5700 Crankset is available as standard or compact. The standard, 130mm bolt circle diameter version comes with a 39/53 combination. The compact, 110mm bolt circle diameter version comes with a 34/50 chain ring combination. Both versions of this crankset can be had with 170, 172. 5, or 175mm crankarms.