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Rotor 3D Plus Road BBright Crankset
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Rotor made its mark on the cycling world largely through the effectiveness and popularity of its Q-Rings, but it still recognizes that there are those who prefer to stick with round chainrings. That's why the Rotor 3D Plus BBright Crankset accomplishes just that, and it's setup to perfectly complement a Cervelo R5ca frame. Rotor first explored the use of alloy 30mm bottom bracket spindles through its involvement with the Cervelo Test Team. And while the Trinity drilled arms and compatibility with round or Q-Rings remains the same, these Rotor 3D Plus road cranks have a few small differences in comparison to the Rotor 3D Road Cranks. The rigidity, light weight, and overall strength remain unchanged. The 3D Plus Road crankarms are all of that due to Rotor's proprietary Trinity Drilling System. On this crank, Rotor drills all three parallel bores from the spindle end. This is contrary to the 3D road cranks' drilling, where Rotor alternates the direction of the bores from both ends of the crankarms. Through this same-end drilling process, Rotor was able to relieve the 3D Plus crankarms of even more excess material, and therefore excess weight. And just as importantly, this was achieved maintaining both the rigidity and the strength-to-weight ratio that you need for race day. On top of this, the CNC machine work and laser etched graphics give Rotor cranks a distinctly industrial appearance. The 30mm alloy spindle is sized to work with either BB Right or BB30 standards, and while the spacers for BB30 are not included with this crankset, they are readily available. In fact, with the proper Rotor bearing cups (BB30-BSA), the 3D Plus is able to be used in a standard 68mm English-threaded or Italian-threaded bottom bracket shell. In any application, Rotor's clever design and machine work is evidenced by its use of a locking preload collar that makes bearing adjustment a breeze once the crankarms are installed and torqued to spec. This preload collar is another differe...