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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Ultra-Torque Titanium Crankset
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While Campagnolo's Super Record components signify their best efforts, they just couldn't leave well enough alone. This Super Record 11 Ultra-Torque Ti Carbon Crankset replaces the steel crank spindle normally used, with a titanium version that is 25% lighter and just as strong. The bolt for the Hirth joint to fasten the two halves together is also titanium to save another few grams. It's beautiful and strong, and now it's even lighter. This quest for lightness goes farther than the spindle. They've removed the chainring nut from the chainring fixing equation. The rings are held to the crankset by five alloy bolts that go through the big ring and thread directly into the small chain ring -- easier and lighter.Let your eyes linger on the chainrings. Look closely at the shifting pins. There, you'll find the first sign that the rings have been re-engineered for faster shifting. Campagnolo calls this their XPSS, eXtreme Performance Shifting System. There are now eight dedicated sectors for upshifting, with ramps and pins working in conjunction with a new tooth profile. But up is only half the story. They've also optimized two new down-shifting sectors, with the new tooth profile working with ramps on the way down as well. The Campagnolo Super Record 11 Ultra-Torque Ti Carbon Crankset has unidirectional Carbon-Fiber crankarms with Dark Grey anodized chainrings and Black bolts. The two halves of the thru-axle are connected by a reverse-threaded titanium bolt. Campagnolo ceramic CULT (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) bearings are installed on both arms. The available chain ring options are a standard (135mm bolt circle diameter) with 53/39 rings or a compact (110mm bcd) with 50/34 rings. Crankarm lengths are 170, 172. 5, and 175mm.