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Campagnolo Record Carbon EVO Crankset
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The new Campagnolo Record Carbon EVO Crankset is lightweight, elegant, and strong, signifying everything that the Italian component legend stands for. The engineers have further refined the crankset, making it lighter and improving the shifting over previous versions. With a new chainring design, silky-smooth bearings, and unidirectional full-carbon arms, the Record Carbon EVO Crankset ensures that all of your pedaling efforts are transmitted directly to the rear wheel. And, just as importantly, this crankset was designed to pair flawlessly with Campy's new EPS shift system. The Campagnolo Record Carbon EVO crankset is identical to the Super Record model, save for the bearings. And while the Super Record 11 is equipped with the same Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology (CULT) bearings that are used in the Bora Ultra Two and Hyperon Ultra Two wheelsets, the Record 11 takes a more cost-effective approach. In place of the CULT bearings are Campagnolo's Ultra Smooth Bearings (USB). Like CULT, USB bearings are 5/32-inch ceramic balls that are housed in a low-drag technopolymer cage. But the bearing grade (as measured by their sphericity, or, their absolute roundness) isn't quite as extreme, and they lack the Cronitect races. Other than the bearing distinction, the Record 11 crankset is the twin to the Super Record 11. The crankset's chainrings are still round, but take a look at the shift pins. This is where you'll find the first sign that the rings have been re-engineered for faster shifting. Campagnolo calls this its XPSS -- eXtreme Performance Shifting System. There are now eight dedicated sectors for upshifting, with ramps and pins working in conjunction with a new tooth profile. But up is only half the story. Campagnolo also optimized two new down-shifting sectors, with the new tooth profile working with ramps on the way down as well. In terms of simplifying, Campagnolo removed the chainring nut from the chainring fixing equation. The rings are held to the cran...