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Shimano 105 CS-5700 cassette Shimano 105 CS-5700 cassette

Shimano's 105 group has always been the go-to line of components for riders and racers who are looking to save a few bucks. If you don't mind adding a few grams to your bike to save some cash, the cassette is a pretty good place to do it since it's low, doesn't add rolling weight, and really won...

Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $57.50

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Shimano 105-FC 5700 Crankset Shimano 105-FC 5700 Crankset

The prices of road bike components can, at times, be a bit daunting. A pair of crankarms that will run you a couple car payments or a month's mortgage may not fit into the budget or slide past the spouse unnoticed. That's why there's Shimano 105. Make no mistake-this isn't budget gear. This is...

Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $156.00

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Shimano CN-HG900-11 Chain - 11-Speed Shimano CN-HG900-11 Chain - 11-Speed

Shimano brings the refinement of the 9000 series all the way down to the humble bicycle chain. Shimano designed the new CN-HG900 11-speed chain asymmetrically to specifically engage the new 9000-series drivetrain. It receives Shimano's revolutionary new SIL-TEC ultra-low friction treatment that...

Price: $59.95

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Shimano Dura-Ace CN-7901 Chain Shimano Dura-Ace CN-7901 Chain

With older Dura-Ace chains, we thought that Shimano had reached the limit of refinement for the lowly bicycle chain. After all, what more is there to accomplish than to ensure that it shifts crisply and runs quietly? To our surprise, this Shimano Dura-Ace CN-7901 Chain is better. This improvement...

Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $48.99

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Shimano SLX 10-Speed Chain CN-HG75 Shimano SLX 10-Speed Chain CN-HG75

Intended for the specific conditions a mountain bike encounters, Shimano's updated the SLX 10-Speed Chain, now designated CN-HG75, and it features a new surface treatment. Like its predecessor, this is a directional chain with task-specific links for optimized Dyna-Sys shifting performance. Inner...

Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $38.20

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Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 Chain Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 Chain

Run the Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 Chain in between the twister and the twistee for reliable, fast-shifting performance thanks to the innovative Hyper-Glide system. Shift pins and ramps on Shimano chainrings and cassettes mesh perfectly with the Ultegra chain, ensuring you won't miss a shift when...

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $39.99

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Shimano XT 10-Speed Chain CN-HG95 Shimano XT 10-Speed Chain CN-HG95

Shimano pushed the shifting performance of Dyna-Sys 10-speed components by making a directional chain with four different plates -- both sides/inner and outer. It's understandable that it would seem they've reached the zenith in chain technology, but that's not how Shimano works. Instead, with...

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $39.99

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