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Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Group
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If there's one thing that we know about Campagnolo, it's that it loves to celebrate milestones. And why shouldn't it After all, we can't think of another company whose story runs parallel to and, at times dictates, the story of cycling. If you couldn't tell, the names Tulio and Valentino warm our hearts, and the reason for this is obvious to any Campy lover. Their innovative spirits have created designs that molded the zeitgeist of road racing, regardless of its era. Whether it be the first quick-release, the Cambio Corsa dual-rod gear changer, or the first 11-speed gruppo, technological change has always been driven by Campy. Perhaps this is why everyone from Bartali to Indurain would ride nothing else And so, to celebrate this lineage of excellence, Campagnolo has dignified its 80th year with the limited edition 80th Anniversary Group. Over the years, Campagnolo has graced us with both monumental and subtle anniversary celebrations. Most recently, there was the 75th anniversary book, 'Campagnolo: 75 Years of Cycling Passion,' that you'll find on every desk in our office. Before that was a lesson in subtlety with Campy's 60th anniversary, which marked the last year that components didn't have their group name printed on them, and the abandonment of the original C Record design. But, most relevant to this 80th group, is the Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Group. Released in 1983, Campagnolo produced about 10,000 of them, and even today, this group's gold-plated Super Record design is the object of desire for any serious collector. In fact, Campy 50th demonstrates two common truths for us: It's important to obtain these while you can, and that their value is nearly certain to increase. And while the first two numbers of 50th belong to Campagnolo and the late Pope John Paul II, it's not uncommon for sub-200 mint sets to sell for upwards of $10,000, today. However, while Campagnolo continues to design for the future, it does recognize the contributions of the past. ...