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Shimano Dura-Ace BR-9010 Direct Mount Brake Calipers
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Fit your TT or aero frameset with the most aerodynamic brake in Shimano's history. The Dura-Ace BR-9010 Direct Mount Brake Calipers features increased power, improved modulation, and hands-down the best direct mount brake caliper out there. Shimano uses a true dual-pivot design for the BR-9010. The brake arms now reside symmetrically over the wheel, and the integrated rolling cam allows the arms to work independently of the mounting plate. While the cable stop is kept to the side, the new dual-pivot design ensures that any cable pull applies an equal tension to both arms. In addition to this, the arms use a twin bearing system that reduces pivot friction and results in braking that is powerful and predictable. To increase modulation, Shimano has placed the arms closer to the rims. Shimano has also improved actuation from the levers, making it lighter than ever, and with its low-friction, polymer-coated BC-9000 cables you're guaranteed unmatched precision. Finally, Shimano will be producing a thinner brake pad option to accommodate up to 28mm tires.