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Magura USA MT7 Next Magura USA MT7 Next

Magura brakes have been keeping mountain bikers in control since the earliest days of the sport, but the MT7 Next hydraulic disc brake proves that this old German dog has learned a couple of new tricks. By now, you've probably seen the MT-series brakes, which are prized for their ultralight...

Price: $320.00
Sale Price: $274.95

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Magura USA Type 6.1 Performance Brake Pads Magura USA Type 6.1 Performance Brake Pads

The Magura 6. 1 Performance dics pads fit 2009 Magura Marta SL, Marta SL Mag Ti, 07+ Louise, Louise BAT, and 09 Julie disc brakes. The Performance pad compound provides quieter and grabbier braking than the Endurance. However, they typically have a shorter lifer span that the Endurance model when...

Price: $28.00

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