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Magura USA Marta Brake Hose Magura USA Marta Brake Hose

This is a standard replacement hose for Magura Marta Hydraulic Disc Brakes. It uses the same poly-braided hose that come with the brakes as pre-bled units. The only difference from the factory supplied kit lies in the style of the fitting. Where Marta brakes come with a zero degree fitting, this...

Price: $45.00

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Magura USA MT2 Next Magura USA MT2 Next

Long considered the German luxury sedan of hydraulic disc brakes, Magura's MT platform was an evolution of the highly revered Marta brake series. Now, the MT Next series continues that evolution, somehow getting even lighter, stronger, and better. Even in the case of these least-expensive Magura...

Price: $100.00

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Magura USA MT4 Disc Brake Magura USA MT4 Disc Brake

Sharing the general design of the top-tier MT8, Magura's MT4 is a value-minded package that gains a sub-40 gram weight penalty. Due to trickle-down technology, you're able to expect the same smooth application of power and consistent lever feel as Magura's top-shelf products, onlywithout the...

Price: $174.00
Sale Price: $98.99

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Magura USA MT4 Next Magura USA MT4 Next

The German-engineered MT Next series of hydraulic disc brakes evolves into something even better than the original MTs for 2014. The Magura MT4 Next Brakes represent a step-up in hardware compared to the entry-level MT2s, which themselves are already world-class brakes. To make the Next...

Price: $160.00

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Magura USA MT5 Next Magura USA MT5 Next

While the Magura MT5 Next Brakes are technically an all-new version of the MT brake series (previously there were only even-numbered MTs), the platform's been around long enough to earn its standing as one of the best all-around braking systems on the market. The MT5 gets some notable...

Price: $200.00

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Magura USA MT7 Next Magura USA MT7 Next

Magura brakes have been keeping mountain bikers in control since the earliest days of the sport, but the MT7 Next hydraulic disc brake proves that this old German dog has learned a couple of new tricks. By now, you've probably seen the MT-series brakes, which are prized for their ultralight...

Price: $320.00

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Magura USA MT8 Disc Brake Magura USA MT8 Disc Brake

The MT8 Disc Brake is ethereal in its lightness. In fact, it's Magura's lightest brake ever. However, this doesn't mean that it's light on stopping power. The architecture of the brake lever is based on Magura's proven Marta radial master cylinder design. Only here, it's made of a carbon fiber...

Price: $369.00
Sale Price: $189.99

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Magura USA MT8 Next Magura USA MT8 Next

The bucks stop here. If you've got them, that is. No, we won't pretend the Magura MT8 Next Brakes aren't pricey. They are expensive. But they are also German-engineered mountain bike braking perfection: superb control and consistency, bombproof reliability, spot-on ergonomics, and no-brainer...

Price: $370.00

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Magura USA Quick Mount Adapter Magura USA Quick Mount Adapter

Unless you are attaching your Magura brake to a 160mm post mount on your fork, you'll need a Quick Mount Adapter, known by the acronym QM. Magura decided with the proliferation of choices available to riders, it made the most sense to provide the brakes without brackets and have the customer...

Price: $10.00

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Magura USA Storm SL 6-Bolt Rotor Magura USA Storm SL 6-Bolt Rotor

The Storm SL 6 Bolt Rotor is the lightest Magura brake rotor ever. To make it, they took the Storm rotor and gave it a serious diet, whittling away some serious grams. The difference is that the Storm SL has large, polygonal shaped vent holes rather than the Storm's smaller, round drilled holes....

Price: $30.00

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