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Magura USA MT8 Disc Brake
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The MT8 Disc Brake is ethereal in its lightness. In fact, it's Magura's lightest brake ever. However, this doesn't mean that it's light on stopping power. The architecture of the brake lever is based on Magura's proven Marta radial master cylinder design. Only here, it's made of a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic rather than die cast aluminum. Magura ensures the quality of this process, called CarboTecture, because it does the manufacturing in its own facilities. It developed this new technology in order to create a brake that excels in all four categories of its design focus -- weight, heat stability, braking power, and ergonomics. The light overall weight is evidenced by the numbers, but how does the brake feel We've ridden them, and they compare favorably with the Marta SL (one of our best-selling brakes of all time) in terms of total power and modulation control. And while the general layout is the same as the Marta, changes abound to make this an entirely better brake. From a bike build standpoint, the banjo fitting on the MT8 caliper is one of the best aspects. This means that you'll be able to route the hose cleanly along frame members no matter what the mount configuration is. It's an aesthetics issue, but also the only gripe we ever had with Marta brakes. The two piston, forged aluminum caliper features a double arch design, similar to Magura's fork crown. This adds stiffness to an otherwise superlight caliper body. The pistons are made of thermoplastic, which helps to insulate the fluid from the heat generated in the brake pads. This improves the brake performance on steep, enduring descents. Changing pads has been made easier than ever since the calipers use a top loading design. This way, you're able to change pads without removing the wheel. The CarboTecture master cylinder is stiffer, lighter, and stronger than comparable parts made of aluminum or magnesium. In a truly inspired move, Magura created both sides the same. You're now able to ru...