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Campagnolo Chorus 11 Skeleton Brake Calipers
Retail Price: $250.00
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With a dual-pivot, skeleton design and a light overall weight, we sometimes wonder why anyone would opt for the weighty price tag of Record over the Campagnolo Chorus 11 Skeleton Brake Calipers. Campagnolo redesigned the brake shoes and the brake pads in addition to updating the graphics. A quick look tells you that the shape of the brake shoe is different -- you're able to see it from all of the relieved and "skeletonized" aluminum, as well as the new shape of the wheel guides. What's harder to see, though, is that this new design also incorporates a safety tab that prevents the blocks from accidentally falling out. The tab is in the back half of the shoe, and it's released with a little leverage from a tiny common screwdriver. The new shoe also calls for a new pad. Campagnolo's new pads are designed from an all-weather compound that wears less on the rim. Additionally, Campagnolo lightened these Chorus brakes further by adding aluminum nuts where steel was once used. Otherwise, this is largely the same second-generation forged skeleton design. So, you'll retain Campy's signature braking modulation and strength. The Campagnolo Chorus 11 Skeleton Brake Calipers have a reach of 40-50mm and quick-releases on the brake lever blades. They're available in the color Black and come equipped with Campagnolo brake pads.