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Avid X0 Trail Disc Brake
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When the goal is stopping power, maximizing surface area and clamping force is paramount. To evenly distribute forces throughout larger pads, high-performance vehicles sport multi-piston calipers. Avid's not wet behind the ears to the multi-piston game, but -- unlike the newly designed XO Trail brake -- its earlier offerings were solely intended for gravity use, and could easily double for boat anchors. Lucky for the all-mountain/enduro set, Avid didn't just go digging in its extensive parts bin to pair an XO master cylinder to Code calipers. Instead, what you get is a completely unique four piston caliper that won't weigh your rig down. The resulting two-piece caliper houses 16mm and 14mm pistons. This combination offers the perfect balance of modulation vs. power, allowing a controlled speed scrub to full on, eyeball elongating power. The minimalist caliper uses a post mount, and the line is connected via an adjustable banjo bolt on the back. This allows a clean installation on a variety of frames -- including the current trend towards chainstay mounts. At the levers, Avid took the time to beef things up from the standard XO offering. Instead of a hollow pivot rotating on a bushing, the XO Trail's lever rides on dual sealed bearings. This adds strength and long-lasting, smooth action to the picture. Avid's Taperbore technology is employed here, but with the all new internals that feature a relocated, easy-to-access bleed port and an air trap to automatically isolate any tiny bubbles from the system. The XO Trail master cylinder has lever reach and pad contact adjustment to accommodate individual rider preferences, and the clamp is matchmaker compatible for plenty of handlebar/shifter/remote mounting options. Connecting the caliper and lever is a high-strength, braided polyester hose that ensures lever input are not lost to expansion. The Avid XO Trail Disc Brakes come in either Silver or Black, and with three rotor optoins; 160, 180, or 200mm.