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Rotor Press Fit 4630 Bottom Bracket
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Leave it to the Spaniards at Rotor to engineer the perfect solution to an oft-imperfect platform. The Press Fit 4630 Bottom Bracket provides a reliable, weatherproof seal for your PF30 shell, and the clever non-contact design delivers the smoothest spin this side of an expensive ceramic bearing upgrade. Over the course of their relationship with Cervelo, Rotor engineers have been lucky enough to have immediate pro rider and mechanic feedback in making improvements on a few small details of the bottom bracket. The seals have been improved, as external bearing bottom brackets of this type have long been known to possess a considerably greater amount of drag compared to some of the benchmark bearing assemblies from earlier generations (think Campagnolo Record square taper). Rotor also thought to improve the plastic caps that snap into the bearings. We often call them dust caps, but they have a structural place in the bottom bracket system, providing a bit of compressive relief in the slip fit between the spindle and the inside diameter of the bearings. But as they also provide a built-in washer between the crankarms and the inner bearing race, too much compression or deformation under load could result in poor bearing preload and lateral misalignment as you pedal. Rotor has eliminated any chance of this and the result is better shifting. The Rotor Press Fit 4630 Bottom Bracket is fitted with Rotor's ultra-smooth steel bearings. The shells are constructed from CNC machined 7075 aluminum. This bottom bracket will fit all PressFit30 frames, and is compatible with cranksets using 30mm spindles.