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Chris King Ceramic SRAM Road Bottom Bracket
Price: $225.00
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Chris King components are synonymous with precision and beauty. Anodizing in a myriad of colors, Chris King has become known for hubs that engage without drag, headsets that move buttery-smooth, and bottom brackets that rotate with fluidity. Though other brands can boast similar qualities, it's the made in the USA, built-to-last craftsmanship that makes Chris King Components worth every penny. If you're building up a new bike, or simply looking to upgrade your current bottom bracket, the Chris King Ceramic SRAM Road Bottom Bracket is an upgrade worth throwing down a few extra dollars for. After all, the formula for drag coefficient doesn't have a dollar sign in it. The color pop that the aluminum Chris King bottom bracket cups add to your bike is stunning, but it's what's on the inside that really counts. To obtain the most efficiency, 24 ceramic ball bearings are packed snugly into made-in-house cartridge bearings. These bearings offer truer roundness and superior hardness in comparison to its stainless steel alternative. Even better, they're user serviceable with the Chris King Grease Injection Tool (available separately). Simply squirt fresh grease into the bearings to purge gunky, used grease and keep things spinning smoothly. This system has a fringe benefit for racers -- it gives you the option of running a very thin grease or even oil on race day for minimized bearing drag. And when you're not racing, it's a snap to inject thicker grease to maximize durability. The Chris King Ceramic SRAM Road Bottom Bracket stepped axle system comes in the standard 68mm shell width and is compatible with SRAM 24mm crank spindles. It is available in nine colors, Green, Black, Pewter, Navy, Red, Mango, Gold, Pink, and Brown. Three final technical notes: (1) The Chris King Bottom Bracket is available in English threading (aka 68mm) ONLY. It is not available for Italian threads. No, there is no way to rig it to work for Italian BB shells. Sorry.(2) This Chris King SR...