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Louis Garneau AWD Bike Transpo Case
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When it comes to traveling, cycling presents distinct issues -- especially when you're going to catch a ride in a big aluminum tube. Baggage handlers don't exactly have a reputation for being gentle, and when you place your prized, and fragile, road bike and race wheels their hands, you're gambling against the odds. Louis Garneau, however, has a clever solution to flying with your bicycle, the AWD Bike Transpo Case. This bike transportation bag features an adjustable aluminum frame that supports and protects your bike. It's been designed with road and triathlon so you can rest assured that your bicycle will arrive at its destination without any hassles. Removable wheel bags allow you to carry and protect the most delicate, and expensive components. For durability, Louis Garneau uses a 1680D nylon fabric that resists abrasion and tears from being loaded and unloaded at airports. Straps and multidirectional wheels mounted fore and aft roll smooth over a variety of surfaces to ensure transportation is easy. Louis Garneau does not recommend using the AWD Bike Transpo Case with mountain bike. It weighs 17lbs without a bike, and measures 44in long, 34in high, and 12in wide.