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Kreitler 2.25 Drum Kreitler 2.25 Drum

If you're counting on roller training to take you to the next level, install the Kreitler 2. 25 Drum. The 2. 25 is the smallest drum in Kreitler's lineup, and offers the greatest amount of resistance to help you build superstar strength and endurance.

Price: $263.95

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Kreitler 3.0 Drum Kreitler 3.0 Drum

Change resistance levels on your rollers with a simple swap of the drum using the Kreitler 3. 0 Drum. Designed to split the difference between Kreitler's other drum diameters, the 3. 0s provide the perfect amount of warm-up resistance for larger, stronger riders, or training resistance for all...

Price: $263.95
Sale Price: $198.00

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Kreitler 4.5 Drum Kreitler 4.5 Drum

It's January, you've been off the bike for a month (or more) and you can't fathom the depth of the pain cave you're about to enter. Ease into the madness with the Kreitler 4. 5 Drum. These drums provide low resistance for long spinning workouts or pre-race warm-ups. Hot Dog version is ten inches...

Price: $283.95
Sale Price: $198.75

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