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Crank Brothers PICA Plus Premium Multi-Tool
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It's much easier to fix a mechanical when you have the right tools. And since getting stranded with a mechanical is a drag, Crank Brothers created the Pica Plus Premium Multi-Tool. The Premium designation stems from the 6061 aluminum frame and stainless steel tools. Neither material will rust, which gives the service life of the Pica Plus a massive boost -- especially for those who live in wet areas. There's an assortment of metric Allen wrenches, from 2. 5 to 8mm, as well as a chain tool that works on 8-, 9-, and 10-speed chains. But, it's the four spoke wrenches, 8mm and 10mm sockets, and the T10 and T25 torx wrenches that really round out the Pica Plus. Basically, if you add tire levers, a pump and a patch kit to the equation, you have just about everything that you'll need to avoid walking back to the trailhead. The Crank Brothers Pica Plus Premium Multi-Tool is available in one size and in the color Silver.