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SRM Campagnolo Powermeter
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The Campagnolo Powermeter is the brainchild from a marriage between SRM engineers and the Campagnolo Design Team. The result is SRM's most powerful and precise powermeter in existence, and remains as the only Campagnolo powermeter for a reason--perfection. Displaying a true dedication to this cause, SRM wasn't satisfied with only testing the Ultra-Torque powermeter in laboratory. For real world data, SRM incorporated the evaluated testing feedback from Omega Pharma-Lotto riders like Philippe Gilbert and Andre Greipel into the Powermeter design. With the addition of professional input, SRM managed to blend the highest expressed accuracy of any top-tier crankset with the stunning Italian beauty of the Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset. The Campagnolo Powermeter boasts SRM's best accuracy to weight ratio to date. SRM pulled this off by improving the design of the strain gauges. The eight strain gauges for the Powermeter are a system of sensors that detect any resistance and vary their output when experiencing applied force. The next step is for the strain gauges to convert this data into electrical resistance so it can be measured. The refinements to the system offer stellar results. The Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Powermeter expresses an accuracy of /- 1. 5% between 30 and 255 rpm with a wattage range between 0 and 4096 watts. Compared to the new G3 PowerTap that has the same range of accuracy, but only between 40 and 130 rpm, the SRM Powermeter has nearly doubled the system accuracy of its greatest competitor. You can also expect a weight savings over other power measurement systems, as the Ultra-Torque Wireless Powermeter weighs in at an alarmingly low 780g with cranks, Powermeter, CULT bearings, and XPSS chainrings. SRM also extended the battery life of the Ultra-Torque Powermeter System to roughly 1400 hours, and provides a three-year manufacturer's warranty. The Ultra-Torque Wireless Powermeter is not only the most sophisticated Powermeter in the world, but it's in..