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Vega Sport Performance Protein
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As part of Vega's raw and whole food nutritional supplement collection, the Performance Protein stands in as the optimal recovery formulation. Vega's 'sport' line of supplements was developed as a system for demanding athletes, composed of a multi-source, alkaline-forming, plant-based protein powder blend. The Performance Protein is formulated to improve strength, repair and rebuild muscles, as well as reduce recovery time between training. It does this through the use of SaviSeed (sacha inchi) protein, which is a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan itself is a key component of Serotonin -- the "feel good" hormone that helps with the mental aspect of recovery. The Vega Sport Performance Protein is available in the flavors Berry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. It comes in a 19oz container. Please note that Vega recommends you take Performance Protein within 30 to 90 minutes of your workout or throughout the day to meet your individual protein needs. This, in turn, works to recharge and repair "so you can do it all again, sooner." READ OUR REVIEW