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Clifbar Clifbar Clif Bars - 12 Pack Clifbar Clifbar Clif Bars - 12 Pack

Clif Bar's flagship product, the Clif Bar, features 70% organic ingredients and the nutrients you need to get through your workout or workday.

Price: $16.68

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Clifbar Mojo Bar - 12 Pack Clifbar Mojo Bar - 12 Pack

When you're sweating up a storm on the hiking trail, sweet and chewy goodness just isn't enough--your body practically begs for salt. Clif Bar made the Mojo Bar with nuts, soy, peanut butter, natural sugars, and pretzels to satisfy both your sweet and savory tooth, add some crunch, and give you...

Price: $19.90
Sale Price: $15.92

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Honey Stinger Protein Bar -10g -15 Pack Honey Stinger Protein Bar -10g -15 Pack

To keep things in perspective, bigger isn't always better. Case in point, Honey Stinger's 10g Protein Bars are about half the size of their 20g Protein Bars, which means they have half the amount of protein as the larger bars. As a result, this snack-sized bar is ideal if you don't like to have...

Price: $28.00
Sale Price: $22.40

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ProBar Base Bar - 12-Pack ProBar Base Bar - 12-Pack

Many of our non-cycling acquaintances seem to believe that all endurance sports are just forms of masochism. While we contend there are few things more pleasurable than turning the pedals, we do concede that the energy "food" we often choke down before and after a ride does lean toward torture....

Price: $33.48

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ProBar BOLT Chews - 12-Pack ProBar BOLT Chews - 12-Pack

The ProBar BOLT Chews 12-Pack is a tasty way to boost your energy when you're on the go. The BOLT Chews are made with organic ingredients and are packed with electrolytes, antioxidants, complex carbs, and B vitamins, making them a healthy and convenient way to replenish your body. The Bolt Chews...

Price: $29.88
Sale Price: $23.90

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ProBar Fuel Bar - 12-Pack ProBar Fuel Bar - 12-Pack

The ProBar Fuel Bar 12-Pack uses chunky, hearty, and healthy ingredients to satisfy your hunger and bring some joy to your tastebuds. Throw one (or a few) of these nut-rich bars in your pack and stay energized, fulfilled, and powered up.

Price: $21.48

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ProBar Meal Bar - 12-Pack ProBar Meal Bar - 12-Pack

The ProBar Meal Bar features a non-baked recipe with all-natural and organic ingredients, offering you a much healthier (and tastier) way to refuel. The Meal Bar is 100% vegan and its low glycemic-index prevents sugar spikes and crashes. ProBar also carefully controls the sodium-protein balance...

Price: $39.48
Sale Price: $31.58

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Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 12 pack Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 12 pack

Yakima SKS Lock Cores. These are the heart of the Yakima SKS system, and are easy to install in every rack and mount that have the words "lockable with SKS cores" next to them. Yakima SKS Lock Cores are available in 2, 4, 6,8, 10, and 12 packs. Buy the pack that fits your needs. Yakima part #07222

Price: $109.00

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