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Hammer Nutrition Anti Oxidant Booster Hammer Nutrition Anti Oxidant Booster

Here's what you need to do in the first 30 minutes after any workout: get some protein in your system, as well as some carbs. The easiest way to get the protein part is to use a whey protein powder, like Hammer Whey, but you should also make sure you refuel spent antioxidant stores, using...

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Hammer Nutrition Anti-Fatigue Caps Hammer Nutrition Anti-Fatigue Caps

Thoroughly tested over several years in the most extreme athletic endurance events, Anti-Fatigue Caps helps remove fatigue-causing, performance-robbing ammonia. During extended endurance exercise the body accumulates excess ammonia from protein metabolism, which interferes with glycogen...

Price: $18.95

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Hammer Nutrition Appestat Hammer Nutrition Appestat

Stimulant-free Appestat safely suppresses appetite and increases carbohydrate metabolism, thereby helping to decrease body fat accumulation and weight gain without the use of potentially harmful stimulants. There are three key ingredients in Appestat. 5-HTP is a plant-based precursor of serotonin...

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Hammer Nutrition Balm Muscle Cream - 4oz Hammer Nutrition Balm Muscle Cream - 4oz

There are two results you want from massage: you want to heat the muscle and increase circulation, and you want to break up muscle spasms and knotted, or very tight muscle contractions. Using a cream like Hammer Balm Triple Action Transdermal Muscle Cream on particularly sore muscles will...

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Hammer Nutrition Boron Hammer Nutrition Boron

We all know that if you're going to train hard you also need to eat a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals. Yet, we also know that sometimes life gets in the way and we don't get the nutrition we need. The Hammer Nutrition Boron Caps make up for mineral inadequacies in your diet and help...

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Hammer Nutrition Chromemate Hammer Nutrition Chromemate

Enhance glycogen synthesis for superior recovery with Hammer Nutrition's Chromemate. Each container comes with 100 capsules and may improve cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels. Current research indicates that higher amounts of chromium (up to 1000 mcg daily) may provide the best...

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Hammer Nutrition Cool Feet Powder - 2.7oz Hammer Nutrition Cool Feet Powder - 2.7oz

If you don't use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal foot powder in that greenhouse of stink known as your cycling shoes, it's way past time you change that bad habit. And beyond the benefit of not having rotting feet, an agent such as Hammer's Cool Feet All Natural Foot Powder has the added pleasing...

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Hammer Nutrition Digest Caps Hammer Nutrition Digest Caps

Help prevent high levels of ammonia caused by digestion of protein-containing foods with Hammer Nutrition's Digest Caps. These digestion supplements can help alleviate or even prevent ammonia-produced fatigue. One Hammer Nutrition Digest Cap counts as a serving size, and 60 capsules come in a...

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Hammer Nutrition Endurance Amino Hammer Nutrition Endurance Amino

You know that you need amino acids for recovery. But understanding the actual mechanics of why that is, and what you need to replenish is important as you weigh whether to buy an amino supplement like Hammer's Endurance Amino. The first thing to understand about amino acids is that they're used...

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Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte Capsules Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte Capsules

You train like mad, you race with loads of tactical nous, then on a nasty climb with just a few miles left to go on race day you cramp up like crazy. Sound familiar? It's a story we hear all of the time. Hammer's Endurolytes capsules are the closest thing we've ever found for curing those dreaded...

Price: $19.95

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