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First Endurance Optygen HP
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The cool blue bottle got your attention. The red cap got your heart beating. Now, you want to know more about First Endurance Optygen HP. First, know that there's a practical reason for the blue glass bottle. The blue glass is transparent enough to see through, but opaque enough to prevent sunlight and oxygen from degrading the capsules inside. The capsules look purple from outside the bottle, but when dispensed, they reveal themselves to be a dark red color instead of clear. The color here, too, is to prevent degradation of the ingredients. Degradation will make the capsules less effective. You will want these capsules to be as effective as possible. In this second-generation Optygen HP, you get Rhodiola that's twice as strong as the original formula. The Rhodiola has 5% rosavin helping the body to adapt to high levels of physical stress. Rhodiola is also known as golden root and roseroot, and it's been taken for centuries to improve mood. In fact, recent tests have shown improved mental and physical performance. The improved formula of Optygen HP is built to increase oxygen utilization, which increases the body's ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress and increased aerobic threshold. The ingredients should be at full-strength in order to help you train harder and to recover better from rides and races where you're giving 110%. For some people, this might be an everyday supplement, and for others, it might be something that's saved for the hardest training and racing months of the year. HP stands for High Performance. First Endurance created this designation after it started kicked its original Optygen supplement up a notch -- revving it for better recovery and less loading. First, on the loading front, Optygen HP takes less front loading than Optygen. Optygen would take loading for a week and would be ideally used for at least a month before realizing maximal benefits. HP doesn't have a loading phase, the benefits should become apparent within...