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NiteRider MiNewt Mini 350 Light
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As the sun goes down, and you're on your way home for the night, your 20 lumen light provides some visibility but lacks the ability to light up the ground in front of you. So, if you love blindly hitting potholes at speed, we recommend keeping your wimpy light. However, if you want to see and be seen, you need to step up your light-game with the new NiteRider MiNewt Mini 350 Light. The MiNewt Mini 350 packs 350 lumens into a small light that, instead of projecting a concentrated beam, casts a broad beam in front of you. It has three solid light levels -- high, medium, and low, and it also has a flash setting that lets you adjust the brightness during your ride. Depending on your setting, the battery will last two hours at 350 lumens, four hours at 200 lumens, and six hours at 125 lumens. And to save you from a mid-ride blackout, the battery indicator tells you when it is time to recharge. With unsightly, bulky constructions that clutters your handlebars, most high-lumen lights are beyond frustrating to use -- not so with MiNewt Mini. The lights compact construction keeps the body low on your bars, and NiteRider also made it a breeze to install and remove in hurry. To minimize its profile and visibility on the bars, the battery pack mounts under your stem. And for versatility between your bikes, the light mount accommodates handlebars up to 31. 8mm. The NiteRider MiNewt Mini 350 Light comes with a USB charger, and takes about 4-1/2 hours to fully charge. The entire assembly weighs in around 175 grams.