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Exposure Sirius Mk3 Headlight Exposure Sirius Mk3 Headlight

Arguably the most high-tech light designed specifically for urban riding that we sell, the Exposure Sirius Mk3 Headlight is determined to help you see and be seen. The Sirius enjoys a host of features that makes it an Exposure -- which is to say, from a company that takes bike lighting, well,...

Price: $189.00

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Exposure Sirius with Flare Exposure Sirius with Flare

Exposure has quickly become an endurance and 24-hour racer's cup-o-tea when it comes to high-performance lighting. That's because of its extremely low-weight, cable-less design, and long-lasting, high-output products. While commuters don't need all the high-tech bells and whistles competitors...

Price: $219.27
Sale Price: $153.48

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