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Exposure Diablo Mk8 Headlight Exposure Diablo Mk8 Headlight

Not all headlights are created equal, especially if you expect them to keep up when you spontaneously turn onto your favorite singletrack in the dark. Outfitting your bike or helmet with Exposure's Diablo Mk8 Headlight ensures that you'll be able to see the trail ahead. Its 1,400 lumen beam sets...

Price: $283.93

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Exposure Equinox Mk2 Headlight Pack with Wireless Remote Switch Exposure Equinox Mk2 Headlight Pack with Wireless Remote Switch

When it comes to lumen output on a cycling light, your general commuter-type is likely happy with a small model with a 120 lumen output. Or less. But for fast descents or off-road riding after dark, Exposure's Equinox Mk2 Headlight Pack with Wireless Remote Switch is the obvious choice. The 1,200...

Price: $425.93
Sale Price: $332.50

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Exposure Joystick Mk11 Headlight Exposure Joystick Mk11 Headlight

From the awkwardness of your early teen years through the angst and self-discovery of college, to the transitional years beyond, you and your joystick have weathered more than a few storms together. Now that your days of all-night gaming and group meetups have moved aside in favor of a more...

Price: $212.93

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Exposure RedEye Light Exposure RedEye Light

This RedEye Helmet Light is a bit different than the Long Cable version that we also sell. Here, the lamp bezel is CNC machined aluminum, as is the housing. It's also a bit more compact. It comes with a double-ended clip that allows it to snap directly into place in the body of the Diablo or...

Price: $49.63

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Exposure Six Pack Mk7 Headlight Exposure Six Pack Mk7 Headlight

When the days get shorter and evenings colder, you're going to need some serious lighting to continue with long evening commutes and post-work training adventures. Like a case of delicious beverages lifting spirits on a dreary Friday afternoon at the office, Exposure's Six Pack Mk7 Headlight...

Price: $567.93

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Exposure Toro Mk8 Headlight Exposure Toro Mk8 Headlight

If you're serious about racing XC after dark this year, don't hinge a potential PR on a weak beam. You know that as soon as you get onto truly dark singletrack, seeing your line is paramount to keeping up with the pack. With a more focused beam than other comparable Exposure lights, the Exposure...

Price: $397.53

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