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Kask Bambino Pro Helmet Visor Kask Bambino Pro Helmet Visor

There are any number of reasons why a cyclist might want a spare Kask Bambino Pro Helmet Visor on hand. Maybe the original was involved in an unfortunate incident deep in the chaotic bowels of the kit bag. Maybe the lighting conditions for a given event require more or less tint. Maybe the reason...

Price: $69.95

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Kask Infinity Helmet Kask Infinity Helmet

Though you might not think about it, chances are your cycling helmet is causing extra drag when you're chasing your friends down lonely stretches of highway and sprinting all-out at regional race events. The Kask Infinity Helmet offers an aerodynamic solution to your high-drag helmet woes with...

Price: $369.95
Sale Price: $277.46

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Kask Mojito Helmet Kask Mojito Helmet

True to its namesake, the Kask Mojito Helmet is a fresh new take on a head protector. While so many companies are moving toward more subtle rounded designs, Kask draws from the pro issue Vertigo to construct a helmet that turns heads with its 100% Italian style. The Mojito is fabricated with an...

Price: $199.95

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Kask Protone Helmet Kask Protone Helmet

The Kask Protone uses In-Mold Construction. This means that the polycarbonate shell is bonded to an EPS foam body. This is then secured over a frame, which allows the shell to absorb impact while keeping the structural integrity of the helmet. The Protone is secured with Kask's Octo Fit Cradle...

Price: $299.94
Sale Price: $258.18

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Kask Rapido Helmet Kask Rapido Helmet

The Kask Rapido Helmet may be the Italian brand's entry level model, but it certainly doesn't skimp on features. From the generous venting, to the sculpted styling, the only thing that says "value" about this helmet is the price tag. Not to mention that it's made in Italy, which undoubtedly adds...

Price: $99.95

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Kask Rex Helmet Kask Rex Helmet

Like a T-Rex crashing its way through the forest after an elusive snack of prey, bomber enduro runs often mean tarrying on the ragged edge and within millimeters of any number of obstacles that may or may not yield when you hit them. The new Kask Rex Helmet is there to protect your dome through...

Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $159.96

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Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet

Kask's Vertigo 2. 0 helmet is a looker -- we'll get that out of the way first, because, everything else being equal, we want the helmet that looks great. But there's a lot more to the Vertigo 2. 0 than its pretty face. Buried within the EPS foam that makes up the bulk of the helmet's protective...

Price: $249.95

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