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Catlike 360 Helmet Catlike 360 Helmet

Catlike helmets were introduced into the US just a few years ago and they caught our attention with not only their eye-catching style but also their attention to the details most sought after by cyclists -- namely fit and airflow. The Catlike 360 showcases simplicity of shape, fit, and...

Price: $79.99

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Catlike Kompacto Helmet Catlike Kompacto Helmet

The Catlike Whisper Plus, with its noticeable rounded vents, is the most recognizable of the Catlike line. However, predating it by almost four years is the Catlike Kompacto. This helmet lacks the visibility within the pro-tours, but makes up for it with an economical, lightweight, and supremely...

Price: $124.99

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Catlike Leaf Helmet Catlike Leaf Helmet

What happens when one of the world's most sophisticated road helmet companies decides to dip its feet in the waters of mountain biking? The Catlike Leaf Helmet, of course. With 23 air intakes, cutting-edge construction techniques, and a weight match of 260 grams between the Leaf and the Whisper,...

Price: $124.99

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Catlike Mixino Helmet Catlike Mixino Helmet

Typically, we're used to making certain sacrifices in the name of low weight -- namely, to that of strength. However, this design principle is entirely unacceptable for helmets, as protection is a helmet's primary function. Thankfully, though, the engineers at Catlike have continued to push the...

Price: $299.95

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Catlike Tako Helmet Catlike Tako Helmet

To most Americans, Catlike might only conjure up images of the professional peloton. However, Europeans have long known that Catlike also produces helmets, like the mountain-focused Tako Helmet, that extend well beyond its road racing roots. The Tako is a slightly modified version of the...

Price: $79.95

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Catlike Vacuum Helmet Catlike Vacuum Helmet

Calling the Catlike Vacuum Helmet the most conventional looking helmet in the 2012 Catlike line would be tantamount to arguing that Cippolini's pink skinsuit for the 2005 Giro was his most conservative wardrobe choice. Granted, it's not as immediately memorable as Catlike's top-shelf Whisper Plus...

Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $101.97

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Catlike Whisper Helmet Catlike Whisper Helmet

At its core, a helmet's purpose is fairly transparent -- avoid a trip to the hospital after a crash. However, every helmet maker takes different paths to achieve this. And with rigorous certification systems, you can be assured that most helmets will generally protect you, but the question...

Price: $224.95
Sale Price: $134.97

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