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POC Cortex Flow Helmet POC Cortex Flow Helmet

The POC Cortex Flow helmet is a bit different than its Cortex DH big brother. First of all, it's a single-shell helmet. The exterior is made of fiberglass, and the single layer design necessitates a thicker shell. So it's a more durable shell than the carbon fiber on the Cortex DH, but it's also...

Price: $239.95

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POC Receptor + Bike Helmet POC Receptor + Bike Helmet

You have a quiver of skis, a collection of bikes, a whole bunch of skateboards, and a few kayaks, so you probably need a whole mess of helmets to keep your noggin safe, right? Welllll, no. All you really need is the POC Receptor+ Bike Helmet. It's fully certified for snow sports, biking, skating,...

Price: $219.95

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POC Receptor Commuter Helmet POC Receptor Commuter Helmet

Lots of manufacturers these days are making skate-inspired helmets for everything from snowboarding to kayaking. Most of these helmets, however, are super low-tech and stuffy. They suffer from a lack of ventilation and a one-size-fits-all construction approach. This is not the case with the POC...

Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $77.97

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POC Receptor Flow Helmet POC Receptor Flow Helmet

Dirt-jumpin', park-ridin', snow-shreddin' hooligans have been digging the POC Receptor Flow Helmet for years, but POC's designers have updated this year's version to make it even better. It rocks the same polycarbonate in-mold shell and in-mold EPS liner as previous editions, but with a slimmer...

Price: $79.95

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