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POC Cortex Flow Helmet POC Cortex Flow Helmet

The POC Cortex Flow helmet is a bit different than its Cortex DH big brother. First of all, it's a single-shell helmet. The exterior is made of fiberglass, and the single layer design necessitates a thicker shell. So it's a more durable shell than the carbon fiber on the Cortex DH, but it's also...

Price: $229.95
Sale Price: $137.97

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POC Receptor + Bike Helmet POC Receptor + Bike Helmet

It would be a piece of cake to talk up how awesome the POC Receptor+ Helmet is for cycling. But what if we shift the conversation to include skateboarding, skiing, and, hey, let's throw in kayaking -- then what? Same deal. Yes, the POC Receptor+ is not only comfortable enough to do all these...

Price: $219.95

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POC Receptor Commuter Helmet POC Receptor Commuter Helmet

Skate and BMX-influenced helmets are not only stuffy due to lots of padding and minimal venting, the one-size-fits-all lids look awkward too. POC's Receptor Commuter may appear like a simple skate lid, but it's brimming with technology engineered to make a daily commute much safer, and stylish....

Price: $119.95

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POC Receptor Flow Helmet POC Receptor Flow Helmet

POC designers made a few upgrades to last year's design and the Receptor Flow Bike Helmet was reborn with a slimmer profile, an adjustable fit, and the same high-quality impact protection. All of these goodies were achieved while lowering the weight of the Receptor Flow so you can concentrate...

Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $55.96

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