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Bern Lenox EPS Brim Women's Helmet Bern Lenox EPS Brim Women's Helmet

You're liable to be covered in dirt and blood all summer, and snow and frostbite from December to April, so you might as well get a lid like the Bern Lenox EPS Women's Helmet, which goes from biking to boarding without a peep of dissent. It'll also keep your brain in one piece the whole time,...

Price: $59.95

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Bern Nino Boys' Helmet Bern Nino Boys' Helmet

Protect your accident-prone grom's head with the Bern Boys' Nino Helmet. Zip-mold technology uses a liquid injection method that fuses high-impact foam and a tough polycarbonate shell to protect his nogginSink Fit features a low-profile configuration so the helmet fits around your head, not on...

Price: $44.95

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Bern Watts Carbon Fiber Helmet Bern Watts Carbon Fiber Helmet

Helmet feeling low-powered? Give your dome some juice with the Bern Watts Carbon Fiber Helmet, a rugged and low-profile brain bucket that's made with a 100% carbon fiber shell to give you the lightest, thinnest, baddest all-season helmet you can find. Ignoring the carbon for a second, the design...

Price: $199.95

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Bern Watts Thinshell EPS Helmet Bern Watts Thinshell EPS Helmet

No, it's not shallow and superficial of you to be more concerned about how a helmet looks than how it works -- cover both bases with the Bern Watts Helmet. You gotta look good out there, and this in-demand visored model enhances your cool as you're going big in the park. It also protects your...

Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $45.46

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